Quicksilver Willow
Fast Growing Trees

Propagation of the Quicksilver Willow

The Quicksilver Willow is a fast growing willow that is propagated by cuttings. These willows are not seed propagated. To get the spectacular leaf color, rooting branches off the tree will give you the same beautiful tree.

Planting large cuttings of this fast growing tree and keeping them moist will result in rooting and quickly leafing out. Big cuttings have more energy in them, thus they succeed more likely than a tiny cutting off the same tree.

Success rate should be 100% and first year growth will be good.

Most willows do not need rooting hormones and the Quicksilver Willow does fine without it, too. In hot weather, the cuttings can already have buds forming within one week. By fall the Quicksilver Willow will be fully established in the landscape.

Quicksilver Bigfoot Willow Hybrid Quicksilver Bigfoot Willow Hybrid