Quicksilver Willow
Fast Growing Trees

Quicksilver Willow 1st Year Instructions

After receiving your Quicksilver Willow trees, place the fast growing cuttings in a bucket of water for the first day. Then you can plant them after they are well hydrated.

When the willow cuttings can't be planted right away, then you should keep them in water and can put them on the north side of your house, where it is cool and they will stay more dormant.

Quicksilver Willow cuttings need to be planted right side up and not upside down. When planting, put them one foot deep and water them to help settle and moisten the soil.

For cuttings like the fast growing Quicksilver Willow, make sure to put a good layer of mulch on your planting. This will help suppress other plants while helping your new willow trees off to a great start.

Quicksilver Willows can have fast growth rates, and I would suggest killing a 3 foot area or more around these cuttings, so that sod and other plants are not competing for the same water and nutrients.

Tilled Bed

It really depends on your climate and soil, but I think watering the quick growing cuttings a couple times a week is a good suggestion to get the most out of your first growing season.

By June or when you hit a couple feet of growth, fertilize your Quicksilver Willows to help push some more of the fantastic silver growth.

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